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 “I must admit, I was a bit skeptical but intrigued what there was to learn during the PI® classes. After the 2 days of meetings, it felt like a lot of information to absorb or retain. Although, after reviewing the material a couple of times in the last few weeks, much of the class information taught really started to come together and I could not put the reference books down. Even though I realize I am fairly new at giving feedback on an individual’s PI®, the reference manuals made it much easier in analyzing anyone’s PI®.   

Even before starting to learn the Predictive Index®, I thought it was very important to build and create a positive working environment. What I learned after conducting a 10 to 15 minute session is that everyone really appreciates being understood. Everyone felt their assessment was very accurate! Each meeting started with apprehension, but ended with appreciation in what you see as their positive behavior descriptors, and what you see that motivates them.
By simply executing the general guidelines of describing their positive behaviors made for a positive working relationship experience. Many of them also indicated how it also described their relations with friends and family outside of work. Each meeting ended with more smiles and questions than I anticipated!
I believe the PI® training is a valuable tool in building effective teams, lowering turnover by putting the right people in the right positions. Also, having an individual being understood helps motivate, creates a better working environment, which in turn increases productivity!”

Wayne Dyjewski, Branch Manager, InTouch Credit Union

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About Us

R.H. Sweeney Associates is in the business of helping organizations improve the productivity of their workforce and increase career satisfaction. Trusted by a diverse clientele throughout North America, including Fortune 500 firms, mid-size corporations, non-profit enterprises and small business, R.H. Sweeney Associates will develop a right-size solution to fit Your Needs - Your Goals - Your Budget.

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Established in 1990, our team of experienced consultants and trainers have worked with hundreds of clients and trained thousands of leaders to optimize the natural genius they bring to their role, as well as motivate others to achieve greater success. 

From the reception lobby to the board room, the effectiveness of the person fulfilling each role is critical to the short and long term success of your organization. Don’t spend another unproductive minute wondering if someone will eventually “work out” in their position or if you should consider making a change because you or someone in your group is having difficulty communicating with a key associate. R.H. Sweeney Associates is ready to demonstrate for you how our management tools can help you see every situation with new eyes, and chart a course of action that thoroughly resolves the issues and pro-actively sets a sustainable success-focused plan into motion. 

Rich Sweeney: Founder and President of R.H. Sweeney Associates, is a business consultant, corporate level sales and management trainer, executive coach, lecturer and seminar leader. Progressive organizations continue to call on Rich Sweeney to help them develop their professional skills in people-management. After earning a Degree from Northern Illinois University, Rich started his career with the 3M Corporation in sales and marketing and quickly climbed the management ladder with the Lanier Corporation. In 1990, he founded his consulting firm, resolving to share, with other professionals, his experience and success formulas for recognizing the specific genius lying within current employees and candidates.

Ed Sweeney : Management Trainer, Ed holds a MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology and brings 25 years of real-world experience to his training engagements. Ed  has a background in sales and  finance, and served as the Regional Manager for Retirement Plan Services for a market leader in banking and investments. As Vice President, Ed’s determined style brought customer service and satisfaction to a new level and improved revenues. Ed is a successful small business owner as well and understands the critical steps in hiring, managing and motivating each team member to achieve  bottom line results.

R.H. Sweeney Associates enjoys an alliance with several accomplished Professors of Business with expertise in Strategic Business Management. These partners provide yet another advantage when choosing R.H. Sweeney Associates to meet the specific Organizational Development needs of your business enterprise.


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