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 “I must admit, I was a bit skeptical but intrigued what there was to learn during the PI® classes. After the 2 days of meetings, it felt like a lot of information to absorb or retain. Although, after reviewing the material a couple of times in the last few weeks, much of the class information taught really started to come together and I could not put the reference books down. Even though I realize I am fairly new at giving feedback on an individual’s PI®, the reference manuals made it much easier in analyzing anyone’s PI®.   

Even before starting to learn the Predictive Index®, I thought it was very important to build and create a positive working environment. What I learned after conducting a 10 to 15 minute session is that everyone really appreciates being understood. Everyone felt their assessment was very accurate! Each meeting started with apprehension, but ended with appreciation in what you see as their positive behavior descriptors, and what you see that motivates them.
By simply executing the general guidelines of describing their positive behaviors made for a positive working relationship experience. Many of them also indicated how it also described their relations with friends and family outside of work. Each meeting ended with more smiles and questions than I anticipated!
I believe the PI® training is a valuable tool in building effective teams, lowering turnover by putting the right people in the right positions. Also, having an individual being understood helps motivate, creates a better working environment, which in turn increases productivity!”

Wayne Dyjewski, Branch Manager, InTouch Credit Union

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Bill Steigerwald, Account Executive
Raleigh, NC, United States
The two days I spent in CFS with Rich Sweeney were far more impacting, relevant, and elevated than all the other sales training I have had in 20+ years of sales. He brought tremendous focus on the key concepts.
Date : 21-01-2013
Jamey Collinsworth, Security Bank Mkt Pres
Odessa, TX, United States
The CFS taught by Rich is absolutely the best. It takes you step by step thru the selling process making the close easy. Rich's high energy personality makes the class fun and energized. I highly recommend CFS to any company that sells ANYTHING!
Date : 24-01-2012
Keith Cochran, Palm Harbor Realtor
Greenville, NC, United States
A unique tool that is consistently accurate and continues to be of great value to our company. We have a significant advantage in our recruiting efforts/hiring process and definite 'boost' to our retention of top performers!
Date : 27-02-2010
Harold E. Dyer, General Mgr, Unifirst Corp
Portland, ME, United States
In this highly competitive industry, the PI helps us understand our employees and manage them. I recommend that companies struggling to find the right candidate contact you and your staff.
Date : 08-01-2010
John Hohenshelt, President, Paragon Industries
Dallas, United States
Sweeney & Associates offered us a real tool with meat on the bones. This is not a quick feel good seminar. It is a tool for employee development, improving communication, and much more intellectual hiring decisions.
Date : 23-05-2009
Comments from Open Workshop
Hurst, United States
I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the presentation, and the tools it has given me in managing my staff. "Wonderful tool! Great for opening your mind to how you are perceived." Awesome revelation of behavioral factors."
Date : 03-02-2015
Kelly Williams, HR Manager, Crown Linen Service
Mexico, MO, United States
Crown Linen Service of Missouri recently wrote with thanks for a top quality training and consulting experience. Kelly Williams said, "What I enjoy most is the focus on our people's natural strengths." Read her letter under Downloads.
Date : 24-12-2008
Maria, HR Generalist, ITCU
Dallas, TX, United States
It was a pleasure to attend the PI Analyst training. I was blown away with connecting the dots. The knowledge and energy that every staff member brought and shared with us was amazing. I was very impressed. I am very excited to start using PI.
Date : 17-12-2013
Brad Dudley, Servall Linen
Rapid City, SD, United States
We have used the personnel behavioral services provided by R. H. Sweeney & Associates, for the past 5 years. The PI successfully enhances our recruiting and management development. We see significant improvement in the productivity of our employees
Date : 22-01-2014
Ray Goldbeck, Recruiter, Palm Harbor Homes
Marietta, GA., United States
The web-based product they offer has helped us tremendously in our hiring process - R.H. Sweeney Associates is a great business partner and a company I feel confident recommending as an HR Business Partner."
Date : 18-03-2008
Tim Williams, Crown Linen
Columbia, MO, United States
Rich's training and skill development allows our team to advance to a much higher level. We no longer will interview a prospective employee without a completed PI. We use Rich's advice on many promotions within the company to determine success.
Date : 22-01-2014
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