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 “I must admit, I was a bit skeptical but intrigued what there was to learn during the PI® classes. After the 2 days of meetings, it felt like a lot of information to absorb or retain. Although, after reviewing the material a couple of times in the last few weeks, much of the class information taught really started to come together and I could not put the reference books down. Even though I realize I am fairly new at giving feedback on an individual’s PI®, the reference manuals made it much easier in analyzing anyone’s PI®.   

Even before starting to learn the Predictive Index®, I thought it was very important to build and create a positive working environment. What I learned after conducting a 10 to 15 minute session is that everyone really appreciates being understood. Everyone felt their assessment was very accurate! Each meeting started with apprehension, but ended with appreciation in what you see as their positive behavior descriptors, and what you see that motivates them.
By simply executing the general guidelines of describing their positive behaviors made for a positive working relationship experience. Many of them also indicated how it also described their relations with friends and family outside of work. Each meeting ended with more smiles and questions than I anticipated!
I believe the PI® training is a valuable tool in building effective teams, lowering turnover by putting the right people in the right positions. Also, having an individual being understood helps motivate, creates a better working environment, which in turn increases productivity!”

Wayne Dyjewski, Branch Manager, InTouch Credit Union

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Date : 31-01-2010
News Details : The January Issue of Stores Magazine features Yankee Candle, a client of PI Worldwide. This article profiles Yankee Candle’s use of the Predictive Index along with SSAT and CFS. Enlightened Approach to Hiring was published in the January Issue of Stores Magazine, featuring Yankee Candle, a client of PI Worldwide. This article profiles Yankee Candle’s use of the Predictive Index along with SSAT and CFS. Click for the entire article
News Heading : Assessments' Role in Team Building
Date : 02-12-2009
News Details : The November, 2009 issue of Talent Management Magazine includes an article written by Todd Harris entitled Assessments’ Role in Team Building. Since the article was submitted directly by PI Worldwide, we could not promote our products by name. The term assessment, as used in the article, refers to the Predictive Index. The article highlights how five PI Worldwide clients use the Predictive Index to facilitate team building and help their managers capitalize on employee’s strengths to accelerate team performance. The clients featured include Flynn Canada, Genesis Rehabilitation Services, Massage Envy, Vanamatic and Year Up. Click for the entire article
News Heading : Developing & Deploying Leadership Development
Date : 02-12-2009
News Details : The November, 2009 issue of Chief Learning Officer Magazine features a great case study on leadership development at TriWest Healthcare Alliance, a PI Worldwide client. Predictive Index could not be mentioned explicitly by name due to editorial constraints. Instead, it is referred to as a behavioral assessment. The case study highlights how to effectively implement and use PI, and does include metrics such as a reduction of turnover in one department from 35% to under 25%. Click for the entire article
News Heading : Winning Coach Uses Data-Driven Assessment
Date : 27-03-2009
News Details : Tennessee head coach, Pat Summitt, who recently reached an astonishing record 1,000 wins in her coaching career, leverages the data provided by PI Worldwide’s assessment tool, Predictive Index, to better understand the drives and motivations of her players. "You learn so much about who has patience, who has competitive drive, who you can count on to have the composure you need in big game situations, and how much pressure they can take," said Summitt in a recent interview with ESPN. Click for the entire article
    Records 1-4
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